It is never awkward to write these things...

I am a lover of pizza, travel and almond butter. I adore my 35mm lens and rarely leave the house without my beast of a camera. Lifestyle photography is what makes my heart happy. Daily life sparkles when dusted with the ever changing details. I remember the necklace my oldest made and wouldn't take off for a whole summer or the way my youngest blew kisses out the preschool window. Those are the fleeting memories that I wanted to capture for my family.  Let me do that for yours. 

Traveling is one of my very favorite things. I recently traveled on a larger scale and moved back to Los Angeles, California after a few years in Portland, Or.  Don't get me wrong, I am still a small town girl at heart. Raised in the tiny town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio I love familiarity of a small town. With me on all my adventures I have an amazingly supportive husband  to whom I have been married to for 11 years and counting.  I am a mother to two boys that keep me entertained. Much of the entertainment is captured in my personal work.  I wasn't lying when I said I take my big camera everywhere.  My purse is never light and my shoulder is always sore but my kids are always so darn cute! 

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